The Best U.S. Ranching Holidays Part 2

The Best U.S. Ranching Holidays
The Best U.S. Ranching Holidays

For a quiet time – White Stallion, Arizona

Quiet, post-card perfect, and charming, White Stallion Ranch lies upon some 3,000 acres of wild plains at the bottom of the Tucson Mountains. Your horse is carefully selected by the friendly staff. Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth desert tide, there are daily trails passing through the mountains and countryside that surround the ranch and that go at your pace. Whether scenic and slow or fast and brisk is what you want, that’s what you’ll get.

Families are encouraged to ride together at White Stallion. Children aged over four can enjoy scenic trail rides without mums and dads. But they must be aged over seven to go on a mountain ride. The ranch offers a tennis and volleyball court, a swimming pool, and western-style meals and barbecues in the evenings. You’ll feel like a real-life cowboy when getting involved in the ranch activities, such as moonlight bonfires with entertainment, weekly rodeo, hayrides, cookouts, and cattle penning.

For the scenery – Elk Mountain Ranch, Colorado

When we’re talking about the highest guest ranch in Colorado, at some 9,600 foot high, it’s of little wonder that there are some spectacular views to be had at Elk Mountain Ranch when looking down on the San Isabel National Forest, along with its surrounding peaks and valley. Ideal for families and beginners wanting to experience trail rides, the racing accommodates just 30 people, meaning that your stay would be an intimate one. Most stays offer a brunch trail ride, a luncheon trail ride, campfires and hayrides.

For the scenery - Elk Mountain Ranch, Colorado
For the scenery – Elk Mountain Ranch, Colorado

A full programme for children is available for children aged from three to seven. There are two counsellors to look after the kids, with activities including a rodeo, outdoor games, animal petting, the hot springs pool and slide, a goat walk, and arena riding. Kids aged over eight are typically included in the adult programme but have the option of joining the kids if they wish. Also available are visits to Aspen town, white water rafting, archery, and bicycle rental.

For something boutique – Goosewing Ranch, Wyoming

Situated in a remote corner of the country at 7,400 feet, Goosewing Ranch provides some stunning scenery and is also home to eagles, bears, and moose. The ranch accommodates just 35 guests, offering an intimate vacation. Riders of varying abilities are welcome, splitting fast and trail rides into groups for all ages and levels. A children’s playground is available to provide entertainment for the kids, and those aged over six can ride on trails. There are also short children’s camps each day that include such activities as a children’s rodeo, Willow Kid Saloon for under 18’s, lawn games and pony rides, nature hikes, scavenger hunts, and arts and crafts.

All guests can feel free to take advantage of the other activities on offer like a soak in the pool, mountain biking, archery, fly fishing, and wilderness picnics that can be arranged using an ATV that comes with each cabin.

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