10 Great U.S. Adventure Trips – Part 1

Hut-to-hut along the Appalachian Trail

Go on a hut-to-hut tour along the Appalachian Trail, which stretches some 2.160 miles in the east of the U.S. Huts enable you to delve further into the backcountry so you can see the White Mountains National Park, located north of Boston. Here, you’ll find one of the finest stretches of the entire trail.

The tour is a sister tour to two other trips available on other parts of the trail. Accommodation comes in the form of a choice between hotels and camping. Tours are offered by Grand American Adventures at grandamericanadventures.com.

Exploring the Civil War battlefields

The American Civil War (1861-65) is one of the most notorious events in the history of the country, with Abe Lincoln’s assassination on April 14, 1865 being one of the key dates from that period. Group tours pay a visit to Appomattox Court House, which is where one of the major battles of that year occurred, along with the battlefields at Petersburg, Antietam, and Gettysburg. The tour also includes Arlington National Cemetery, museums, and other sites related to the war in Washington, Harpers Ferry, and Lynchburg. Tours are offered by Leger at leger.co.uk.

Rafting on the Colorado River

The Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River is undoubtedly the most popular rafting adventure in the U.S. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to the number of boats available, so it isn’t easy to secure a place.

There are seven-day trips available through the canyon, although there’s also a 150-mile, five-night trip on the Cataract and Westwater canyons nearby as an alternative that’s every bit as exhilarating. If you only wish to sample rafting, as opposed to going all-out, you could instead opt for the 430-mile, two-day option through the Westwater Canyon. Tours are offered by American Round-Up at americanroundup.com.

See big bears in big landscapes

The largest bears in the U.S. are in Alaska, which explains why the state is popular on most of America’s bear-watching tours.There are two group tours available to Alaska.One goes to Kodiak Island, the most popular spot for bear-watching (known for bears taking salmon from white-water rivers) and one to the south-west, with its combination of whale- and bear-watching.

On the former, you’ll be staying in wilderness lodges and spending three days on a private boat where you’ll be able to follow the bears while they move up river. Or you can go on a custom-made 11-day or 15-day tour. Tours are offered by Wildlife Worldwide at wildlifeworldwide.com.

Birdwatching in Florida

The varied habitats and subtropical climate of Florida attracts a variety of birds, from endemic species, rarities, and occasional visitors to wetland birds, warblers, and waders. Expert guides lead annual tours to Florida in the spring that coincides with the greatest number of resident populations and winter visitors.  The tours combine Atlantic and Gulf coast locations with inland habitats and promise 12 days of up to 170 different species. Tours are offered by Limosa at limosaholidays.co.uk.

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