Rafting on the Grand Canyon – Part 1

Each and every year, the Grand Canyon attracts somewhere in the region of five million visitors. After all, it’s one of the world’s seven natural wonders.

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Rafting on the Grand Canyon – Part 2

You can’t make a decision like this at the last minute and expect everything to go your way. Many of the companies you will be looking at are booked up to years in advance.

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Rafting on the Grand Canyon – Part 3

As this is a holiday, some of you may wish to enjoy alcoholic drinks while camping. Alcohol, however, as is the case with caffeine, is a diuretic, and can help with dehydration.

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The first expedition through the Grand Canyon National Park

While Native American Indian tribes had resided here for centuries, in 1869, a man by the name of John Wesley Orwell had undertaken the very first expedition through the canyon.
While one third of the nine individuals who began the expedition gave up and were never to be heard from again, the remaining men made it, completing in three months.
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Grand Canyon National Park (Documentary Film)